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Top 9 tips for a North Facing House Vastu



Dates marked in red are wedding dates.

Like Eastward houses, a North Facing house Vastu Plan not just attracts positivity in the house but also helps your chances on Wealth. As per Vastu Shastra for a North facing house is meant to attract wealth as it is the direction of Lord Kuber, the God of wealth and prosperity in Hindu Mythology.


Dates marked in red are wedding dates.

A home built as per the North Facing house Vastu plan is supposed to have certain specifications at every juncture of interior designing. Which includes structures, statues, and also room placement. You should definitely consult a verified Vastu expert to get the most out of your North facing house Vastu.

Tips and tricks for a North facing House Vastu plan

Puja Room: The house should definitely have a Puja room, and that too in the North-east direction.

Kubera Mule: This is also known as Kuber Yantra, which should be placed on the North wall that shall act as a Indian ‘Feng Shui’ for Vastu Shastra of wealth and positivity.

Room Placement: The living room should be in the North-East direction, while the guest should be in the opposite North-West direction. The kitchen can either be in the North-west, or South-east direction.

Door: Like the rest of the things in the house, the door or the exit should also be in the same direction with the North Facing House Vastu Plan: To attract wealth and Luck.

The Door and Pada in the North Facing House Vastu

For the North facing House Vastu Plan, one has to keep one thing in mind that is to keep the ‘Door’ in the North direction itself. Which will make sure that the negative energy remains beyond the threshold, and the Positivity remains beneath.

Apart from the main door, the house should have stairs or ‘Pada’ which should be in the same direction. Likewise, the ‘Fifth Pada’ is the most auspicious and significant one. So the house should have at least five stairs to the entrance, as the North facing house Vastu plan is concerned.

The master bedroom scheme

It is advised to keep all property owners that they built their house according to the required North facing house plan, verified by a recognised Vastu expert. Who is going to pinpoint directions appropriate for your home and the cardinal directions of the place.
North facing House VastuThe South-west region is the most appropriate direction for building your master bedroom in a North facing house Vastu Plan. This is important as the bedroom is the place of rest and rejuvenation of one’s energy, and it is important for a person to sleep with their heads in the South direction.

Positioning of the Puja Room

As mentioned above, having a Puja room is extremely important in any home, as per the Vastu Shatra. The North facing home Vastu plan specifies two important things, first a Puja room and then the importance of worshipping Lord Kuber, the God of Wealth and Prosperity.
North Facing House Vastu Plan

The Puja room should be between the North and the North-East direction. Where the owner has to place the ‘Kubera Mule or Kuber Yantra’ on the North facing wall of the room. That is significantly done for  the purpose of serenity and Holiness.

Kids room and Guest room

Though these aren’t the main room of the house, it happens to be a significant part of the basic dwelling. As per the Vastu for home is concerned, the Master bedroom should be on the South, while the rest of the room has to be either in the west, North-west, South-west direction.

The ideal place for the Kids and guest rooms happens to be in the West or the South-west direction. The South-west direction guards the resting energy of the South. By any chance, none of the leisure areas should be placed in the North direction.

Balcony and Hallway

There is nothing better than an East facing balcony. As you cannot have your bedroom in this direction, and it has the advantage of the rising sun and east winds. Which are a very important part of a Veranda or Balcony arena in a North facing house Vastu Plan.

Similarly, the Hallway is often adjoined alongside the Veranda or balcony. So it should also be in the same direction like the balcony is concerned. Remember, the Hallway should be in the centre of the house, and it marks the centre of positivity too; make sure that you have sufficient plants in the right direction.

Kitchen and washroom

The kitchen should not be the North-east direction of the house. As mentioned above this direction is appropriate for the Puja room, so the kitchen should be anywhere apart from this particular direction of the house plan.

The ideal location of your washroom should be in the South-west direction. Now, this might be a concern for many, why the washroom in the South as well? Well this is justified by the system of adjoined bathrooms the master bedroom, which happens to be in the Southward direction.

Vastu plan as per Duplex houses

Like a one story house, the Vastu Shatra for a Duplex is the same as for every North facing house in concern. The only difference is with the number of ‘pada’ or stairs taken. Each stair has a significant meaning as per the Vastu.

For a one story house, the ‘5th pada’ is significantly important. Whereas for a duplex, the ‘ninth pada’ has a similar place in the Vastu Shastra. Each has a different degree of importance, but the rest of the directions are the same for as many floors that you’re making.

Things that must be avoided in a North Facing house 

  • Having clutters and waste in the North-East

As mentioned earlier, the North-east is the right direction of having the Puja room for a North facing house vastu plan. Most significantly you should not be having pits and dustbins in this particular area. As it collectively brings out a lot of negativity and fowl energy to the place.

  • Making kitchen in the North

The North direction is right for constructing the Puja Mandap, hence you cannot build your kitchen in this direction. Most importantly the Kitchen should be in the mentioned spaces which will paramount your home’s internal ‘chakras’.

  • Bedroom in the North direction

The bedroom should always be in the Southern direction, or even in the west or the east direction. But never ever, the north direction. That is because of the sleep mechanism of an individual.

  • Puja room in the South

In a North facing house Vastu Plan one should definitely have their Puja room in the North and that too with a standard North-East direction. Which is well justified for the entire positioning of the house as a whole.
Apart from this, the rest of the interior decoration plays a big deal in terms of Vastu Shastra. Though you’ve built each attribute according to the necessary place of the North facing house vastu plan. But you also need to take care of decorative things, such as plants that bring out positivity and wealth for a home, and also wall colours and ceilings.

To get to know more about the North facing house Vastu plan, consult with a verified Interior designer in Kolkata or a Vastu consultant.

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