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Top 5 Hindu Pooja Room Designs Ideas


Pooja room designs ideas play a major role while deciding the interior of a new house. All Hindu homes have a pooja room in their household. Hindus pray every morning and evening, which denotes their devotion towards the Almighty. A pooja room is a room of enlightenment, spiritual knowledge, piety, peace, and hope in a house. People design their pooja rooms in beautiful ways to add beauty and divinity to their interiors. So, if you are wondering how to design your pooja room in different ways, here are some pooja room designs ideas you can consider.


Whether small or big, a pooja room is a place where one finds solace. It is a place where one introspects deep within themselves and finds inner peace. During the recent lockdowns, when temples were shut, a pooja room was the only place at home that could provide divine intervention.


Before beginning any kind of design in your pooja room, you must first clean it thoroughly. Pooja room cleaning includes cleaning the picture frames, idols, floor, walls, curtains, accessories, and any other item kept in the Pooja room. It is recommended to clean pooja room floors and walls with the best floor cleaners.

If you have glass doors or shelves, use good quality glass cleaners to clean the surfaces. If you are calling an interior decorator to design your pooja room, then you can tell them what kind of design you have in mind. Here are some designs to take inspiration from.


Pooja Room Designs Ideas for a Huge Indian Joint Family

pooja room designs ideas

A pooja room in a big joint family needs to be quite big too. This Pooja room should literally be like a Pooja Ghar as it should be able to contain all the members of the family during special religious occasions like Holi, Navratri, Diwali, etc. A good idea would be to install your favorite and most beloved idol right in the front. You can get some carvings done on the wall around to highlight the figurine.

Also, ensure that the other idols are kept aside from the main idols, but at the same time, ensure that sufficient space is left in the room. This space can be used by the family members to sit during a prayer ritual or to perform yajnas. Get contrasting, but soothing shades in the walls and floors to add a rich look to space. Pooja rooms in big families are best kept uncluttered with one just idol at the center. You can enhance the decor by adding intricate carving to the pooja room door design.


Pooja Room Designs Ideas for a Modern-cum-Traditional Family

Today, most Hindu families are turning quite modern, yet refuse to let go of their family traditions. This unique mix of modern and traditional culture requires different kinds of pooja room designs ideas. You can incorporate a colorful back panel or use decorative wallpaper to bring in some meditative vibes.

Let the wallpaper speak for itself regarding the soul of the room. Hang metallic bells and add in a splash of greenery with religious plants like the Holy Basil. Keep a Holy Geeta on a stand at the corner to add on to the Pooja room vibe. This kind of pooja room designs ideas is best done at the entrance of the home or in a sunny corner of the house so that the plants can thrive. The natural light coming in will only enhance its beauty. Such pooja rooms do not need any pooja room door as you can leave it like an open part of the house.


Pooja Room Designs Ideas for a Small house or a Modern Apartment

pooja room designs ideas

Most houses today are either small flats or apartments in big buildings. So obviously, lack of space is expected and to donate a room completely for Pooja purposes seems unreasonable. If you live in a small flat in metro and have less space, you can make a small section of your passage or a small portion of your hall into a pooja room. Install a unique traditional Jharokha in any corner and convert it into your pooja room. Install your idol right in the center and hang a huge chandelier at the top if possible.

This setup can be done next to your sitting in the living room as well. A slight groove in the wall can be designed like a Pooja space with a small cabinet below where you can place your pooja accessories. 


Pooja Room Designs Ideas for a Modern Look

pooja room designs ideas

If you have designed your house in a very modern and contemporary way, then your pooja room design should match with the rest of your interiors as well. You can create a simple and stylish design with minimalist touches. Get an intricate wooden paneling done at the sides with lights installed to brighten up the alcove. This setup will only occupy a small niche within any wall. Use colors that will blend well with the rest of your house.


Pooja Room Designs Ideas with Lots of Greenery

pooja room designs ideas

If you want to build a pooja room amidst lush greenery, here is a design you can take inspiration from. Although inside your home, this particular design will feel as if it is out in the open. Ensure that you have large windows that face trees and let bountiful sunshine inside. Install an artificial green grass below in the floor and build a cabinet at one wall of the room where you can place your idols.

Hang lots of bells from the ceilings and place planters, pots with holy Basil, and other plants inside. Create interesting backdrops like a wooden carved panel or a metallic jali panel to add a divine aura to the room. Try to use more natural elements for design. Also, place a large banana plant on one side as it is considered holy.


These are some Pooja Room Designs Ideas to take inspiration from.


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