South Facing House Vastu

Top 7 tips for a South Facing House Vastu


The South Facing House Vastu has been a hot topic of discussion for many. Some say that it is the worst measure of bringing bad luck to the residents while some say that a South facing house Vastu brings you good luck and fortune. 


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Here, we have a complete breakdown of all the Myths related to a South facing house Vastu Plan. This will help you get the most out of your residence, that has the best of both the world as per Vastu Shastra and interior designing. 

Myths about the South facing House Vastu plan

The myths and superstitions associated with a South Facing House Vastu plan are Havoc, as much as some say they should never avail a house in that direction. The word is that a home made out in the Southern direction brings immense back luck to the owner, while the truth is completely different from what you hear. 

Yes, you can easily avail a house made out in the South Facing House Vastu Plan, but for some Zodiac signs and symbols it might not be a good decision. On the other hand, it is the epitome of positivity. Not that something immensely wrong would happen in this way, but people like to be cautious as precaution is definitely better than trying to find the right cure. The following are the myths surrounded around it, 

  • South Facing House Vastu plan will only bring back luck and misfortune to the residents
  • The South Facing House Vastu will only bring harmful diseases and unfortunate accidents.
  • It will bring down all your wealth into ashes, and a South Facing House Vastu should never be bought for free.  

The Door and Pada in the South Facing House Vastu

The Auspicious Pada should be where the door should be, as it is the entering way of positivity and prayers. The South Facing House Vastu plan keeps the door at the extreme North direction of the home, as it is an immensely good omen for the dwellers. 

The South Facing House Vastu plan originates a set of positive marks by originating the best of all the words. The pada is the main orgain of positivity in any house, especially the ‘fifth’ and the ‘ninth pada’ is the most important of all the stairs. 

The master bedroom scheme

The location of the bedroom is an integral part of any South facing house Vastu plan. Originally we know that the bedroom should always be in the South for any room, but in a South facing house Vastu the room can be anywhere other than in the east. 


South is the most appropriate direction for the master bedroom, while South-west, north, North-west can also be an option. Though in every direction of the north facing bedroom,  the head of the bed should be towards the South. Any direction is fine for the South facing house Vastu, other than the East. 

Positioning of the Puja Room

If you’ve a South facing house Vastu plan, then the house would be facing towards the South which is opposite to the North side direction. In any household, the positioning of the Puja room should be in the North. Irrespective of how many floors there are, or how many rooms you’ve. 


The position of the Puja room should be in the North direction, with the Mandap or the Deity positioning in the North-East. Which is considered the holiest as per the Hindu Vastu shastra, or Vastu for Home

Kids room and Guest room

If the master bedroom is the North, the positioning of the Kids and the Guest room should be in the other half, or just adjacent to the master room. This is basically a secondary room besides the master bedroom, hence there isn’t as much stress as that. 


The master bedroom is located in the North, so the South Facing house Vastu plan keeps the kids room in the South. Which is a great idea as it is healthier to keep the head of the bed in the Southern direction. 

Should have a Balcony and Hallway

Some say that a South Facing house Vastu Plan is extremely dangerous for most of the Zodiac signs except Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. Which isn’t true at all, as it can be similar for all if the South Facing house Vastu Plan is not implemented correctly. 


The house should have a balcony in the South direction, as it brings a lot of fresh air from the South as well as the good old sunlight which is important for the Vastu Shastra of the home. The hallways should be adjacent to the balcony, which makes it the middle of the room. 

Kitchen and washroom

The Kitchen is the integral part of any home, and in a South Facing house Vastu plan this should be in the North-East or the eastern direction. The South direction is important for any house, and even more important for the positioning of the Kitchen arena. 

South Facing House VastuThe kitchen being placed in the Eastern direction, will help the resident gather the positivity of the rising Sun. Which makes it easier for the washroom area to be in the Northwest, or the South-west direction closer to the bedroom. People have their washroom closer to the bedrooms, just because of the adjoined setting of the restroom, besides the sleeping arena. 


Things that must be avoided in a South Facing house 

Not having a puja room

Any South facing House Vastu Plan should have at least a place located in the North-east direction for Puja. Due to the problem of lack of space, people are not getting enough space for a specially allocated Puja room. In such a case, one should keep the Puja room at the North East position of the House, which can be anywhere other than the bedroom. It is neither a good decision to have the bed Puja Mandap near the bedchamber, nor is it food for the positive. 


Having the Kitchen in the South West

Never have the kitchen in this direction, as it is not good for any house out there. Whether it is a North facing House Vastu plan or a South facing house. The kitchen should always be either in the North or North-east or simply in the Eatern direction. 


Parking place in the South

Even if your house plan is facing the South direction, it is strictly prohibited from having the parking corner in the NSouthern direction. For a South facing house Vastu plan, the back of the home is facing towards the North. Which is a very good place for the parking lot to be placed at. 


This is what you had to know about the South facing Vastu plan, as it is not at all harmful for the owner and the dwellers. Moreover, it is advised to most of the potential buyers and architects to build the house in the South. But get an expert opinion from a verified Vastu expert from Indriyo, before starting to build your dream home! 


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