FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Interior designing is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

Both the terms are occasionally heard, yet, there remains a subtle difference between the two titles. An interior decorator is someone who works with finishing, surfacing, furniture and wall coverings.


Interior designers, on the other hand, have a more specialized career and creates spaces for different architectural structures. Interior designers also deal with issues like accessibility and safety.

Be it for a mere consultation or a new construction model,  the advice and guidance of an Interior Designer is undeniable. An interior designer will make you proceed seamlessly and efficiently through the project and also save you from committing costly mistakes.

Our charges are based on the scope of work and we try to charge a simple design fee whenever possible. Often smaller jobs are charged separately at an hourly rate based on the scope and amount of work.


Within the mentioned fee the services that come complimentary are:


Schematics, space planning, lighting, decorative items.

Customizing windows, beddings, shades and blinds.

Preparing the estimated budget and purchasing the materials.

Contacting contractors, builders and installers.

Consulting suppliers and clients.

Delivery and delivery fees apply when furnishings and fabrics are ordered. These commodities are charged by the weight and their fees are transferred to the client without any extra charges.

When you first meet interior designers at Indriyo, keep photos of items and decor that you like, choose colours, styles, effects that you like. Have a clear idea about how your home should look once completed, know your objective and lifestyle needs. Convey your time frame (if any) in which you want the work to be completed. Also make the budget clear to your designer, so that they can have a clear idea of how to proceed.

An interior designer has the ability to complete designing or re-designing your home or office within the stipulated time that has been provided by you.

Professional interior designers maintain competitive design fee, which is basically a combination of fixed fee and hourly estimates. Hourly estimates are variable and depend on the type of work and the number of designers required.

It is rare that you would need two or more interior designers for one project. It is mainly: the initial consultation, shopping sessions, paint selection process, the final installation of the rooms. The reason why we involve multiple interior designers for a particular phase is that it helps you to achieve better results.

Generally, we do not go store-to-store shopping for individual furniture pieces. It might also happen that many times, the furniture that you want may not be available at the shopping store.

Our interior designers will first inquire about your budget and the particular design that you wish to get for your home. Next, they would inquire about the time limit within which they would have to complete their work.