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puja room interior design

The Puja room holds a sentimental position in every individual’s heart. Yet, today, not many people are fortunate enough to have a separate puja room in their home due to constrained spaces. Puja Ghar is the most sacred place which not only showers mysterious wisdom but also adds absolute joy, lending meaning to your very existence.

The puja rooms is not only a sacred place but should also ooze positive energy to our homes. Thus, designing the ‘house of God’ according to Vastu principles is sure to enhance this positive effect.

Some of the principles that should be kept in mind while designing the puja room are:

 puja room interior design

  1. The puja room should be in the north, east or north-east corner of the house.
  2. The idols should be placed in the north-east portion of the puja decoration room.
  3. The roof of the puja room should be structured like a dome or a pyramid.
  4. Use good-tempered colours like white, soft shades of yellow, or blue on the puja decoration room walls. These colours do not distract the attention of a devotee while praying.
  5. You should not cover the face of the idol with anything, not even with flowers and garlands.
  6. The lamp in the puja interior room should always be kept in front of the idol and be illuminated.
  7. The puja room should not be constructed in the basement, rather it should be ideally located on the ground floor.  
  8. You should not use the puja room for any other purpose apart from religious rituals.
  9. You should avoid placing the toilet next to this room.
  10. Try not to place the photograph of any dead person inside the puja interior room.

According to Vastu Shastra, pooja rooms should always harness a multitude of energies through the mandir design and direction. Some of the Vastu tips that you must keep in mind are-


Heavenly direction:

The location of your puja interior room definitely has an auspicious. If you are designing a new home and have the control to place your puja interior room, it is highly advisable to avoid the basement and higher floors, rather get the mandir placed on the ground floor in the north-east corner.

Logic: Vastu Shastra propagates the north-east direction so as to extract maximum energy from the sun.


Mandir direction:

The puja room design should have a low ceiling. A pyramid-shaped rooftop will help in creating positive ambience. A threshold or two-door entry should be constructed if space allows it.

Logic: As the puja room is small, the lower ceiling will enhance symmetry and help you dive into a meditative trance easily. The threshold will keep ants and insects out of the sacred place.


Ideal idol placement:

After the layout and structure of the puja room are ready, you have to place your idol. The ideal placement would be a few inches from the wall with at least six inches from the ground. Portraits of the dead and violence are not to be placed in the puja room.

Logic: The idol should be placed away from the wall to ensure continuous airflow around the idol. Additionally, this will wrap the idol in the fragrance of the incense sticks.


Sacred Storage:

Storing your religious books and all puja related items are causing confusion? Make sure the storage is towards the south-east with no storage above the idols.  

Logic: Storage should face the south-east to make sure there is no obstruction of sunlight.


Soothing Palette:

puja room interior design as per vastu



Use colours like white, light blue or light yellow. If you are using marble then go for white, pale yellow or ochre would go well.

Logic: Light colours help space stay bright, while dark and loud shades can prove distracting while you pray.


Let there be Light:


Since the puja room is a comparatively smaller room of your home, you would need bright lights to illuminate it. Place your diyas beside a window in the north-east direction of your puja room or use ample artificial lights as a substitution.

Logic: Bright lights in the puja room will ensure you have proper ventilation and is comfortable if you have to sit there for long hours.  


Some of the striking puja interior room designs inspiration are:


Backlit panels for puja room walls and ceilings-

Puja room interior design walls and ceilings




A warm glow ina puja interior room is something that enhances a calm and quiet ambience that braces up prayer and meditation. Backlit panels can be used either on the walls or the ceiling to add brightness to the puja room interior design. The most affordable alternative for backlit walls and ceilings are Acrylic resin panels.


Pujo room false ceilings-



The ceiling is often neglected space in a room. You can make it look stunning by adding a false ceiling in contrasting colours. You can add a central inverted dome with a sophisticated lampshade hanging from it.


Wallpaper for puja room-

 puja room




Wallpaper can add style to any space. For a puja decoration room, you can choose from patterned or textured wallpapers on the background of the idols for a pleasant contrast. You can use religious images to adorn the walls and uplift the ambience of the room.


Artwork for puja room walls-

Considering that the focus of the pujo room is the main wall behind the idols, an idea to make the walls look beautiful is to hang religious artwork on the walls. Large paintings will fill up spacious pujo rooms and make it look cosy.


Decorative Tiles for puja rooms-

Keeping in mind the fact that puja room walls are inclined towards smoke and oil splashes, the puja room walls have to be clad with ceramic wall tiles and decorative patterns or metallic finishes.