Choose from the Best Living Room Interior Design in Kolkata

 Living Room Interior Design Ideas


Living rooms are usually counted on a place in the house which can be used for social get-togethers, or a place where you can play games with your children or watch a romantic movie with your spouse. They can be harmonious, elegant and at the same time fit in the taste of those who are going to use it. Before you buy furniture for your living room, you ought to keep in mind the functional requirements of your house and your living room interior design.


How can you set the living room interior design?

Living room interior design


When you take up the task of designing your living room interior design, it is necessary to keep certain key aspects in mind, for instance, the available space, the color that you want to use, the type of furniture and accessories that you admire. In the case of larger rooms, utilizing the available space efficiently is a vital thing to remember.


On the other hand, if you have constrained space, your primary focus would be to give the impression that there is enough space. For which you have to be very careful regarding the choice of colors for the walls, textures, tiles, and also create the perfect blend of furnishings and atmosphere.


What colors should you use in your living room interior design?

Living room interior design



A living room is a place where people generally tend to spend plenty of time. Thus, it becomes necessary to create the perfect atmosphere for the room. You can use vivid colors or pastel tomes, whichever you wish to. For smaller rooms, white walls, or pastels tones are the most suitable. Bold colors tend to reduce the impression of space. For larger rooms, however, vivid colors and patterns should be implemented.


What type of flooring you should use for your living room interior design?

Living room interior design


From the numerous options available to use for designing living room floors, you can choose stone, wood, and tiles or cover the floor partly or fully with a carpet. Rugs or carpets give a soft furnish feeling and create extra comfort. Wooden pieces of furniture are elegant and classy and are never out of fashion. High-quality wooden floors though demand high maintenance would be a perfect choice for your living room interior design.


How can you select a living room interior design?

Selecting a living room design completely depends on what mood you want to reflect through your living room. People who often keep shifting houses can choose a minimalist style for their living room design as it would be easier for them to rearrange furniture and accessories after shifting. Bigger families may prefer well furnished and spacious living rooms, while couples and young people may prefer modern living room design.


Interior design for living room

The best way to design a perfect living room is by striking a balance between modernity and flexibility. For smaller living rooms, install the television within a wall-mounted cabinet, but stay low on decoration. Also, keep in check the seating space, do not make it too congested that people find it difficult to walk around.


Many people also feel it is wise to use a mirror or painting in the room to make it the prime focus of the room. Add flowers within the room to create a light or organic effect.


Interior design ideas for small living room

Though it seems a difficult task, designing small living rooms, armed with the correct design ideas small spaces can be transformed into adorable living rooms. When you have a small living room space, try to keep minimal accessories and designs, stick to just a couple of paintings or flowers. Make space cozy by playing with the correct lighting and furniture.



Interior design ideas for Living room


Country style living room

Country style living room interior design



Country style living room is a traditionally designed living room interior design idea, with large hearths built with brick, broad timber beams and carpets, undecorated wooden floors are great for this type of living room design. Great additions would be accessories like large dining tables and candle stands.


Minimalist living rooms

Minimalist living room interior design




Going by modern architecture, minimalism is the style in trend now. The chief focus of this living room design is to make the most of what is available. And the challenge is to create minimalistic rooms without making it look bland.






Classic living rooms

classic living room interior design



A classic living room is spacious and has abundant light. Generally, classic designs are characterized by generous seating, bright colors, and decorations, but will not lose balance in the midst of the arrangement. Flowers can be a fine addition to a classical living room interior, adding warmth and lightness to the arrangement.


Rustic style living rooms

Rustic style living room interior design



Rustic style interior decoration of living rooms are large, spacious and welcoming. Big windows and decorative curtains combined with brick fireplaces, sideboards, and wooden floors, along with impressive timber beams to create living spaces where the whole family can spend quality time together.







Modern living rooms

modern living room interior design



Modern living rooms sit between the stylish minimalist designs and the energy of classic designs. They never disclose chaos, with skilfully chosen decorations and accessories such as designer seating and lighting. A classically designed modern living room will generally choose bright colors, preferably pure white walls, and muted tones.