Choose from the Best Wardrobe Design in Kolkata!

Wardrobe Interior Design



Wardrobes are part of every bedroom, they are functional requirements rather than mere decorative purposes. A wardrobe has the ability to elevate the entire look of your bedroom.  Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to designing your wardrobe. Here are a few inspiration for adding style to your wardrobe design.


Artistic wardrobe interior design

Artistic wardrobe designs



Along with beautiful wall décor, the doors of the bedroom wardrobe design can also present an additional surface for designing your room. One of the trendy ways to do so is by painting an image or motif that compliments the entire decor.

Transparen wardrobe interior design

 Transparent wardrobe design



If you are in favour of a walk-in closet, but your room is not large enough for it, you can have your wardrobe design with see-through doors. With the frame of the closet in the similar shade, there happens to be a cohesive in the design, lighter shade of wood for shelves and drawers would be a nice contrast to the transparent doors.


Patchwork wardrobe interior design


Bid adieu to the boring single colour closet surface and create a quilted design using different patches of colour shades.


Mirror wardrobe design

 Mirror wardrobe design



If you have a small bedroom, a mirror finish wardrobe design door would be the appropriate solution. It would reflect light and space in your room making it look larger. Along with this, if you keep the wall colours in lighter shades, the mirror effect will be more enhancing.


Printed wardrobe door designs

Printed wardrobe door designs




Another alternative design is to have pretty prints on the doors of the wardrobe design. But, make sure to balance the print of the room with a solid colour.


Wardrobe design which resembles wall panels

Wardrobe design which resembles wall panels



If your room is large enough for a wall to wall wardrobe design, install a closet with dual toned wood elements in contrast to the lighter shades of the entire room and would lend sophistication to the bedroom.  


Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design



If you don’t wish to run out of space, you can go for a vertical wardrobe from the floor to the ceiling. But remember darker shades for the wardrobe door can make your room look crammed while lighter shades can make the room look dull. Thus, you need to mix colours carefully for the interior design of your wardrobe.


Wardrobe design with wood and metal

 Wardrobe design with wood and metal



A wardrobe made up entirely with wood will create a monotonous effect. To break this monotony, one can provide a metal contrast within the wardrobe designs.


The contrasting  wardrobes doors

Contrasting wardrobes doors




Add a contrasting bold colour to single-toned wardrobe door designs in order to get a stylish boost with your wardrobe door interior design.


Multiple designs



Instead of keeping the wardrobe design restricted to a single material or colour, you can go about with incorporating various other elements in different sections of the wardrobe. Keep the same designs on both sides of the wardrobe to achieve a sense of symmetry for the area.


Reflecting wardrobe doors

Reflecting wardrobe doors



Reflecting wardrobe doors with a laminated surface is an alternative to mirrored walls. People who do not want the mirror to reflect the bed which according to Vastu Shastra is inauspicious can very well opt for laminated surface wardrobe walls.


Sliding wardrobe design with traditional motifs



Incorporating block prints or motifs on the wardrobe door can bring a stunning element to the bedroom wardrobe. Keep in mind to use solid contrasting colours.


Scandinavian design



If your home has a minimalist or modern design, you can use a lighter shade of wood which stands complementary to the neutral tones of the rest of the room is an excellent idea.


Wardrobe design with abstract art


You can use the wardrobe doors as a canvas for artistic prints. For a modern bedroom, abstract designs in neutral shades on the wardrobe doors will lend a sophisticated look to the room.


Wardrobe design with irregular door shapes


Get rid of the conventional straight-lined hinged or sliding doors for bedroom wardrobe you can break the monotony with irregular or asymmetric doors to highlight your closet door.


Wardrobe with tinted glass

 Wardrobe with tinted glass



For those who don’t appreciate the idea of transparent glass doors for the wardrobe design, using tinted glass is an alternative that protects the privacy of the closet, while fulfilling the purpose of reflecting the space to make it look larger than it actually is.


Simple wall to wall wardrobe


Often in a small or narrow room with limited storage space, a simple wardrobe that stretches in between the walls is the best option. Keeping the doors white or another light shade helps to prevent the room from looking cramped.


Wardrobe with a reflecting band


While designing wardrobes for small bedrooms, if you don’t want to use a mirror door, then you can switch to have a small band of reflective material running through the centre. This won’t reflect the person lying on the bed (which is considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra) but will make the room appear larger by reflecting the area.


Dark shade with contrasting wood handles


Today, darker shades such as Navy or midnight blue are trendy colours due to which homeowners tend to use them for wardrobes. To prevent the colour from overpowering the area, one can introduce a refreshing contrast with a lighter shade of wood near the handle or in the centre.


Wardrobe with texture designs

Wardrobe with texture designs



Textures are an excellent solution which can add a new dimension to the design of a room. In a bedroom, one can do this by introducing a texture on one of the doors of the wardrobe.







While you can choose from several eye-catching wardrobe design for the bedroom, you must keep in check the material, colour, style, which should blend well with the rest of the room’s décor.