Hire the Top Kids Room Interior Designers in Kolkata!

Children are the biggest fortune anyone can ask for. Thus, it is important for you to make their room the sweetest, the coziest corner of your home. The Kids room design is a well-planned and entertaining process that is sure to surprise your youngsters.

For kids’ bedroom is the place where they can do their school studies, play games, and explore their talents. Children begin shifting their preferences when they start growing, similarly, they change their taste in colors and accessories along with their growing age.

The few important factors that you need to keep in mind while designing your kids room design are:

Top Kids room design:-

Colour combination:-

 Kids' bedroom



A superb color combination can make or break the entire look of your kid’s room with our kids room design. The bed, wardrobe, and study table should set an exciting tone against the shapes and forms that they create.


Wall Art:-

kids bedroom



Different types of the wall art are the best way to design a child’s bedroom. They break the monotony of the room and also make the children fall in love with their room.


Furniture Arrangement:-

 kids bedroom



Designing a kid’s room requires proper planning. You need to design a space that would serve multiple functions and remains comfortable and practical for several years to come. And that’s where our kids room design comes into play.



Kids room design

The theme of the room :

Children learn and grow through playful activities. That is the reason why all products from soft toys to children’s bedroom furniture should be present in a kids room, which you can check in our kids room design. Furniture should be designed in such a way that their imagination is kindled and they discover new worlds.


Kids room designThink about what kids want:-


Children have their own image of the outside world so before you start designing their room, make sure you take their opinions and wishes. Yet, do not choose their opinions blindly instead, incorporate their favorite colors, shapes, and fictional heroes within your designs.


Blend choices into the budget:-

Before you start, think about how much you want to spend. Once you decide an amount, see what you can get for it. If working on a low budget, don’t compromise on functionality; choose durable elements. Don’t lose focus from the fact that kids will outgrow their interests, and will ask for a new room before you expect it.


Safety is a priority:-

While picking up furniture for your kid’s room, safety should be the prime focus. For instance, make sure your furniture is rounded rather than sharp so that kids do not hurt themselves while playing.

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Choose a theme:-

Themes enable kids’ rooms to turn into castles and movie scenes; and blend practicality with attractiveness. Here, it is essentially important to consult children; and to choose colors and themes they would enjoy. Once you have this guideline, picking furniture will be easy and fast.


Keep their age in mind :-

You’re not decorating a room for yourself. You’re decorating for a ‘brave king’ or a ‘lovely princess’ who don’t really care about elegance and sophistication. They need a place to sleep, play, and store the piles of toys. Within a year or two, your child’s interests will vanish and you would have to modify all furniture according to their new interest.


Be prepared to update:-

Children tend to lose interest in their favorite things very soon, thus, you will have to be prepared to update your kid’s room furniture. That is why you should have enough space available in your room so that you can add any furniture later.

Enough storage space:-

Kids have numerous belongings- their toys, clothes, books, sports equipment, gaming stuff. Kids room design are really emotional with their belongings so they are going to store their pieces of stuff as long as they can. Therefore it would be wise to think of larger wardrobes, multiple commodes, and under-bed drawers.


Playing space:-

Your kid needs space to play and run; and will be safer if there is no much unnecessary stuff within the room. Also, your kids room design will find it easier to walk and play around if they do not have to trip over stools or couch.