Choose from the Top Modular kitchen design in Kolkata


 modular kitchen interior designA kitchen is considered to be the hub of the house and thus, it becomes very crucial to get the Modular kitchen design perfectly. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind while designing a new kitchen or even remodelling it.


The first and foremost factor is your budget. You need to have a clear idea regarding the budget, to help you choose vital kitchen interior designs like the flooring, kitchen cabinets, and countertops before you finalize your selection.

If you are tight on the budget, you can opt to keep the kitchen layout intact and just replace the cabinet doors, fixtures and fittings.  

Here are some of our finest Modular kitchen design : 


You know how important your kitchen is, thus, it should be designed in a way which will make it comfortable to work in. Our kitchen interior designs do exactly that. It does not have to have expensive materials to look beautiful, yet some of the aspects are to be kept in mind-


The flooring :

kitchen interior design

The kitchen design is where we throw the maximum tantrums, it demands more to be more important than anything else. While deciding on a flooring material, consider the durability, appearance, cleaning, and also comfort. For instance, ceramic tiles are long-lasting and easy to clean. Wooden floors are though warm and natural and also they look good, but it requires more effort to maintain and care.

Kitchen cabinets:

 kitchen interior design



Today’s modular kitchen design has most of the appliance’s built-in within the cabinets. So it is very important to design the cabinets in such a way that it can easily store all the necessary appliances, especially the refrigerator which consumes the maximum space in a kitchen. You would find our kitchen interior designs very useful that way.

Work surface:

modular kitchen work station design



You need a comfortable space to work in your kitchen. The modular  kitchen design should thus include enough space so that you can proceed with your daily routine. For instance, the length of your countertop depends on your needs, yet the material you choose should be enduring and easy to maintain.

Choose according to your style:

kitchen interior design



Modular Kitchen design styles have ample varieties ad you must have a clear idea about how you want your new kitchen to look. Based on the space available, you need to design your kitchen.


What color should you choose for your Modular kitchen design ?


Bright kitchen interior designThe heart of the home, the modular kitchen design, must be appealing to the taste of many. When it comes to learning how to paint your kitchen, choosing the right kitchen colors is everything. You can use some spicy, warm colors, such as red, orange and yellow, that are related to food and make surroundings appetizing. To create a calm and fresh atmosphere, you can use cooler, serene kitchen paint colors like green, blue and violet.


The right shade of grey can turn the look of the room from drab to sophisticated and the red can make it overwhelmingly dramatic. Most people, of course, start their days in their kitchens, and white can really energize a room. It feels fresh and clean, and an all-white kitchen will definitely wake you up the minute you step in it. There is more fun you can have with your countertops and backsplash in an all-white modular kitchen design kitchen and choose brighter colors or designs for those.


How can you design your small kitchen ?

 kitchen interior design ideas



If you have a small kitchen, you definitely need big ideas in order to make the best use of the small space. Try to paint the kitchen walls white, because white is a color which can make a small space look big. Use light color furniture and cabinets because darker colors make it look shabby and small. Try to fit in all the kitchen appliances inside the cabinet. This will make it look cleaner and neater.



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