Boost the Positive Energy of your Vastu for Home with the Shastra tips

Vastu for home literally refers to the dwelling place of man, the place where he resides. ‘Vastu Shastra’ is the study of directions keeping in mind the six positive energies of the universe- solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, magnetic energy, wind energy, and thermal energy to help success, peace, and prosperity prevail around you. If a house is constructed with these 6 energies in mind it is said to bring peace and prosperity to people residing in it.


Vaastu Shastra Tips for Interior Design


Vastu for home is the study with which an area can release positive energy around it based on the 5 basic elements of the universe- Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Agni (FIRE), Paani (WATER), and Vayu (WIND) which have proved to ensure happiness and peace for those who follow the principles of Vastu Shastra.


At we offer a team of extremely skilled interior designers who are at your service helping you to witness your imagination get a life. Being trained in the science of Vastu for home, interior designers at ensure to offer you with Vastu for Home tips for home as well as for your office.


For Vastu for home, the following tips are to be considered-

Vaastu tips for home


  • Placement of furniture in all the rooms
  • Location of the accessories in the vastu for kitchen and bathroom.
  • Suggesting the color schemes for paints for different rooms.
  • Suggesting the colors of the drapery and choice of materials for different rooms.
  • Suggesting the color for the exteriors.
  • Placement of inverters, washing machines, electrical items.
  • Choice and location of plants to be put in an area and plants to be avoided in the building.

In the case of Vastu Shastra for office, the following setups are to be considered-


Vaastu Shastra tips for office


  • The position of the room of the director
  • Placement of the rooms of the staff according to the work done like accounts, finance, designing, cash and whatsoever.
  • Location of the safe/vault.
  • Position of the raw materials, finished products.
  • Placement of machinery.



Vastu for home thus has great importance in our daily life. It appears to be one of the best ways to ensure good wishes and confidence to keep you surrounded. If there happens to be a slight rupture in this balance, there is an extensive flow of negativity around us. It is with our Vastu Shastra tips that you can overcome such problems and live in accordance with the laws of nature, remain healthy and lead life efficiently.

It might appear that Vastu for home is merely the science of construction of houses but, it is not so. If you have just related to Vastu principles while constructing your house and not for the interiors, it is going to be of no use.

Impact of ‘Shastra’ of Vastu for home on the interior arrangement:

Every room has eight directions so one must keep in mind to design the interiors of the room abiding by the rules of Vastu for home. One of the basic principles of Vastu for home is that the entrance of the house should be towards the east, since the sun rises in the east and the door opens for light and positivity in the house.


Experts are of the opinion that elements of interior decoration like the entrance of the house, positioning of the temple or the puja room, colors of the different rooms, furniture, are some of the major considerations. The interior of the house can be designed keeping in mind the Vastu for home  in the following ways-

  • Positioning of the vastu for kitchen is hugely related to the health and wealth of the family.
  • The interiors of a bedroom have an impact on the health, career as well as personal life of those who live in it.
  • The positioning of the puja room is to bring peace and fortune to the house.
  • Mirrors are an important element in ones’ house. The position of mirrors at various places in the house may have a great impact on health and happiness.
  • Furniture placing can affect the balance of energy and mental peace.
  • To maintain proper health and hygiene, the correct position of water is very important.
  • Choosing different colors for different sections of the house will have a specific impact.
  • Black color should be avoided for furniture and tiles in the vastu for kitchen
  • Construct the study room towards the east.
  • Sleep in any direction apart from the North.
  • Dim lights to be avoided in the house.
  • Keep the north-east corner clean and tidy.
  • Try not to face the mirror while sleeping or sitting.
  • Avoid having the toilet or any water tap in the center of the house. It is believed to drain all the wealth. Also, don’t let a leaking tap be there, get it repaired soon as possible because it is believed that it drains wealth away from the house.
  • The Vastu for kitchen, toilet and the prayer room should not be attached or kept next to each other.


Vastu for home-Colour Schemes:

Vastu colour scheme

Also, Vastu Shastra believes every color has a negative as well as a positive impact on the house and the people residing in it. Having told this, let us now discuss the Vastu color schemes for houses. As a color reflects a person’s personality, it is a reflection of a person’s nature, liking, and taste. Vastu for home tips state that bright and soft colors should be considered to keep the area relaxing and soothing. Dark colors like red, black, and grey have the ability to attract negative energy and create an aura of darkness all around.


To know more about correct color schemes, marble and flooring of the room consult expert interior designers at to use these tips for a happier and peaceful life.

Vastu for Home -Lighting:

Lights are used to keep away the darkness. But, lighting without using Vastu for home tips is increasing the darkness in the house and minds. Vastu Shastra suggests the use of bright lights instead of dim or damaged lights. In case of broken light, it needs to be repaired immediately.


Vastu for Home- Ceiling:

The ceiling of a house is the head of it. Vastu for home should have a flat ceiling without any cuts or irregular carvings to maintain a balanced life. Similarly, for the bedroom, a depressed or falling ceiling should be avoided. Simple and elegant ceilings would be the best for residential houses.


Vastu for Mirrors:

Mirrors are objects that are supposed to shine and reflect whatever comes in view of it automatically. That is the reason why Vastu for home advises to use mirrors cautiously or else it can lead to loss and misery while placing mirrors in correct zones can attract positivity in life. According to Vastu Shastra tips, mirrors must be placed east or north-facing so that all negative energies can be flushed out. Also, mirrors must not be placed in bedrooms rather in a separate dressing room and covered at night.


Vastu for Curtains:

Curtains are often used to prevent excessive heat and cold entering the room and make the room look decorated. According to Vastu for home, light-colored curtains for the bedroom while dark color curtains for the living room should be considered. In the negative corners of the house, heavy and dark curtains can be used but, if used in the wrong way they can end up attracting diseases.

Hence,  it is advisable before purchasing the curtains, make sure you consult a professional Vastu for home consultant for the correct guidance. 


Paintings and statues for East facing house vastu:

Vastu tips for puja room





Vastu for home suggests the placement of natural scenes like sunrise, nature, waterfall, etc in the house instead of paintings of war, violence. Statues of deity should be avoided in the bedroom. Statues of Lord Ganesha are used as decorative pieces and should be placed in the puja room, which is a really good attribute for an east facing house vastu.




Indoor Plants for North facing house Vastu plan:

Indoor Plants are popular as well as common for interior designing. Cactus and thorny plants should be avoided along with big plants in the house.The Vastu for home, especially in the North Facing homes should be following it certainly for gaining more and more positivity in their place.

Electrical Appliances for South facing house Vastu Plan:

Electrical Appliances should be avoided in the north-east corner of the house. Gas ovens, the microwave should be placed in the southeast directions. Geysers should be placed in the south-east bathroom wall. A.C, Cooler, Refrigerator should be placed in the north facing house vastu plan. T.V can be placed in the North, East or  south facing house vastu.

Be it the location of furniture or appropriate colors for the rooms, the vastu for home, interior designers’ team at leaves no stone unturned and is determined to provide the best quality services at reasonable prices.

While the transformation is under progress, regular image updates are emailed to the client to check the progress. We intend to have our clients’ confidence and faith in us so that we are encouraged to continue our good work for them.